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How to find your dream dress?

How do I find my dream wedding dress?

So…Where do you begin? Once the time comes to start planning it can be difficult to know where to start with wedding dress shopping. You may be asking yourself, “How many bridal shops should I visit?” Keeping a clear head at this point is crucial to not getting overwhelmed.. Some good questions to ask yourself initially:

• What is the style of your wedding?

• What is your personal style and what is your vision for your big day?


It’s important not to get obsessed with a dress you have seen online... But if you do you must hunt it down and try it on before you begin your wedding dress journey.. Otherwise no dress will live up to a dress you haven't tried on yet 😱.

One of the best things to do at this stage is look at bridal shops you follow on insta, check out their stories, grid and in particular their website...screenshot a few styles to give your stylish an idea of what your thinking? . Again, at this point, until you’ve tried something on it’s hard to know exactly what you’ll end up with, but it will give you a general sense of the vibe you’re after. Be prepared to try on a "wild card" 70% of brides buy a dress that they never thought they would love. 😍

Also remember to work out a budget that your comfortable spending on your wedding dress.. Do check before booking appoints that the shops you choose are within your price point.. Otherwise you could fall in love w with a wedding dress that's out of your comfort zone 😢

Once you your screenshots saved, a rough idea of prices and know what shops sells the dresses you like, it's now time to book your appoint. Don't block book appointments for 4 weeks in advance as most brides find their dress at their first appointment 😊

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